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BR: Angela’s Ashes by Frank Mc’Court


  • Title: Angela’s Ashes
  • Author: Frank Mc’Court
  • Genre: Biography, Memoir
  • Pages: 432
  • Rating: 5 stars


A good life makes for a good story but a difficult, pitfall-filled, life makes for a great read. This book was a finger-licking meal. And for a sad book(if I can call it that) to be so well written…you have to admire the talent of the writer and even more so the dire circumstances that made it even possible.

Frank had me laughing at his lack of sorrow at the hand life dealt him with while at the same time feeling his utter helplessness at other moments. And it had me feeling grateful…that despite my hard life(by my standards) others out there have had it tougher and tougher.

I found myself getting angry at his drunkard father, at his begging mother who never worked a day in her life, at his unbothered extended family that had their own problems to deal with and at the sad state of his hometown that did not inspire one to work hard because the future looked bleak for all. But life always has one up its sleeve. And each of these people in one way or another had something redeeming about them.

But Frank who is the author of this masterpiece overcame all this and the fun in the book is how he does it. I read it mostly on my commute to and from work and i always started the day happy because it is a funny book…very humorous and sarcastic and witty. How he managed to remember so many details of his childhood and even the things he said to himself at that age when he did not even have a diary is short of a masterpiece.

This book will have you drawing parallels with your life if it’s the sort like mine where challenges have been an everyday occurrence. It will have you stopping mid sentence just thinking “yaani huyu mtoto alipitia hizo city zote”. Sometimes even I had a hard time believing some of the things of Frank McCourt’s life…mostly because it’s dreadful and slot of people wouldn’t survive a day I’m his shoes.

This is a blessing of a book and it’s actually on almost every list of books to read in your lifetime I have found on Google. A must read. And I will say no further because that will spoil it for you. It will show you something about the world in a most amusing way. So grateful for the friend that gave it to me.
Happy reading 🙂

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