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BR: The Curator by Jacques Strauss


  • Title: The Curator
  • Author: Jacques Strauss
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction
  • Pages: 352
  • Rating: 4 stars


Disclaimer: This is not a book for people who like their characters likeable and redemption around the corner.

I totally enjoyed this book because it was queer and fresh and filled with such dark humour I couldn’t help myself. It is such a weird choice for anyone but then again the weird ones always make it to the best seller lists.

Well, quick rundown: It’s about a boy. A queer boy who has grown up having never lived his dream because he can’t have his father’s inheritance.. his father who according to him “just won’t die”. So everyday he hopes to find him dead when he comes home from work and is always disappointed so he chooses to take matters into his own hands. On the other side of the book is his life as a white child growing up in 1960s South Africa and how the murder of a whole family changes each life nearby irrevocably.

It’s a passionate book that brings out institutional racism and how it is not uncommon for people to kill for money.

At some point it threatened to appear like any other south African book which talks about racism but the manner in which it went about it makes it a gem if a book.

The main character Werner(I kept reading this name wrong the whole time since I’m no expert on how to pronounce these names from other countries), is s reflection of our society today; dark but appearing sane. A person who analyses each step he will do as if praying he will change his mind along the planning phase.

With the rainy season with us. It’s a great book to curl up in your bed with…better than any horror you will watch. And for those who like building their English vocabulary, the book is filled with gems of words for very simple emotions and actions that will make you sound sound so intelligent at that next networking event 🙂

No excerpts for this one because that will be cheating haha

Happy reading loves!!

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