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BR: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult


  • Title: The Storyteller
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Pages: 460
  • Rating: 4 stars


I need to candidly express my gratitude to TextBookCentre who never fail to make my heart and other book lovers’ heart leap with joy. So I’m going to buy myself a copy of book of the month. (Let me digress for a minute. TBC have this amazing book club where people meet to discuss the book of the month. It has just started this year but it is something that’s picking up well. If you are interested in being part of the book club, knowing which books have been read so far or just catching up with like minded people, head on to Kenya National Theater every first Saturday of every month or check their Facebook Page page if you want to know more details. PS; its FREE). So where was I, yeah buying the book which I knew would be cheaper by 10% and you know how us Kenyans, I mean humans love discounts and sales. It was sold out! How could my luck be this bad. I had been dreaming about this book for a whole two weeks and smelling it and falling asleep while holding it and reading it on my bus ride home. I think the teller thought I was going to have a mini-heart attack and thankfully came to my rescue. They said they will order the book for me and would call me in two days. Phew! Then they gave me even better news, They had a sale to celebrate a year of that branch being open. Now, this is the equivalent of a sale of shoes, food, wine, chocolate, clothes, a trip! I left for the sale without thinking twice.

What a story that lead to me reading quite the interesting story. And Jodi Picoult can really weave a story of the human spirit. Humanity is what she does best. We already fell in love with her beautiful prose in My Sister’s Keeper so I knew this would be a wonderful ride. I love African stories but every once in a while I like knowing what happens on the other side of the world. What are the stories of other countries the way we have colonialism and independence. At the end of the day do we have histories that link us because of the emotions that carry within? I have very little knowledge of the Holocaust in Germany that led to the death of millions of Jews. Discrimination has not only happened in Africa, in Kenya, in Rwanda, in Pakistan, in Libya. It has also happened in Germany and I thought the books i had read about the Genocide in Rwanda were all the ugliness I would see about humanity but The Storyteller is an eye opener.

Basic Run-Down: Its about this old man who has met this young chic at a grief group(Like Alcoholics Anonymous). They become friends. Until he tells her that he is a murderer and tells her a story that changes everything (Is the suspense alive already? hehe)
Does war affect only those who live it or does it seep through into the future generations?
Is there something that the present world with all its problems can learn from history?
Just because we don’t ask for forgiveness, does it mean we don’t need it.
I hope this book entertains you as much as it did me. It has an all time twist at the end that you will not believe (I still don’t!). Its a story about love and war. Murder and mercy. Betrayal and forgiveness. A story that made me understand the Holocaust better than I ever would. This is a gripping story considering it was more than 500 pages and i finished it in two and a half days 🙂

You can get it at TBC for Kshs350 (if the sale is not over I hope)
Love and Light till the next book 🙂

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