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BR: Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani


  • Title: Very Valentine
  • Author: Adriana Trigiani
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance
  • Pages: 371
  • Rating: 4 stars


This book… at first glance looks very romantic. Yes it is a romance novel but it is the kind that is infused with so much detail about adventures of an extraordinary and unforgettable woman as she attempts to rescue her family’s struggling shoe business and find love at the same time. Amazon calls it “Poignant, funny, warm, and red hot”.

I am one of those people who because I love reading, i have lots of friends who love reading too. We(my friends and I) are in the habit of going to each other’s places and before we start indulging on entrees, kuku, drinks, the latest news and what not have you… our idea of conversation starters is “by the way…uko na books gani mpya?”. The same applies for whats-app conversations which will include sending books via emails and offering updates on book releases and what not. In the end, our book collections are some-what communal. I daresay we love it that way. That said… this book I chanced about from a friend during one of those “meets”.

The cover really strikes you as a fairy tale kind of book but as far as romance and reality goes… this books aligns the stars of these two dimensions of life just perfectly. I’m not one to give spoiler alerts but I will let you in on what it is about.

Basically its about this girl called Valentine(Cliche, I know! But kinda cool too) who is a shoe maker( I know what you are thinking…”do you mean like a cobbler?”). it centres on these two Italian families: The Roncallis and Angelinis. She makes custom made shoes and its a skill that has been passed on down generations. The company is going under because… well because people like Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Louboutin etc… are doing booming business at her expense. She has to juggle all this pressure from her family to keep it going while managing her personal life. She is the funny one in the family and as a result… she has some pretty hot and heavy suitors( Her being Italian and all). And the clincher….she is dating a chef and how they met is as memorable as it is funny!


Girls… a combination of food…fashion…and shoes!! Need i say more. Also it has recipes on some signature Italian dishes. This one I recommend for the girls because honestly men…unless you are from Venus by some accident or something…it may bore you along the way. If you are looking for a good companion on that Friday night you are too tired to go out, this is a good alternative to let your hair down with a glass of wine on your cosy bundle of joy that is your bed.

You can find it in most supermarkets that have a  book section, at book shops in Nairobi or from the street hawkers who are more than happy to source it for you if you can give them the book details and a little “Motivation”. Unfortunately, I could not find a free download but when avaliable in the future I will include the links. Another source is Amazon or Kindle if you have the money. It has two recent covers as I’v shown so you can get any.

Happy reading…

My mission is to help you (and myself) exploit these opportunities and break free: launch a business, start a charity, travel the world and read as many books as is humanly possible!

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