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My book series

So I kinda realized that I read A lot. I read anything… everything. Fiction, biographies, autobiographies, short stories, philosophy. On romance, thrillers, science, animals, you name it. My brain (and fingers) literally itch when I don’t read. I actually enjoy that musky old fashioned smell of old books. The ideas that other people come up with are simply outstanding. Reading takes me places, it helps me marvel at the human mind and the span of our creativity as humanity. Nothing beats a good book. Having a hard copy is bliss though even the soft copy with the onset of e-reading is a good place to start. Many people don’t read. Even newspaper articles…Reading has been relegated to the back burners. Something you do to progress to the next stage in life; mainly academically. But there is beauty in reading. Anything at all actually. The earlier the culture is cultivated the better.

So I’ve decided to start a book review series on the blog hint at books to read, books to collect, books to gift. From my library of course. You get a knack for such things. I’m a proud book critic. All from watt-pad, good reads, blogs, newspapers, magazines, libraries, paper back books you name it. I’ll try quench any appetite. For fellow book lovers, share with me books you would like me to read and review. For those afraid of reading, try starting today. I’ll try post something to read each week and if not a monthly review of the books I have read that month

To start off, there is a book everyone should own. Robert Greene’s 48 laws of power. This book is great and I’m at law 16! I can’t imagine how power has been such a human need since the beginning of time. The past clashes with the present in the different tried and tested techniques. All applicable in our different spheres of life. That girl you want. That job. That dream. That happiness. That comfort. That control. Who doesn’t love control? It gives you a sense of security and power and belief in yourself. Just different circumstances… get one at any bookshop or even at home (your parents probably have a copy) even the e-book is available(hit my email if you want a copy) the street vendors also hawk such copies(you can thrift it from the guys who sell newspapers and even settle for a price).

Truth is you can never have enough time to read… so welcome to my “you have to read this!” Series

My mission is to help you (and myself) exploit these opportunities and break free: launch a business, start a charity, travel the world and read as many books as is humanly possible!


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