Millenial Money

Hey there!

So, welcome! I am terrible with introductions. But then I figured it would be a good place to start by expounding on what it is I am about, what this blog is for and how we can help each other in the murky world that is finances and investments for the 20-something who wants a plan and all they have is a vision. I’m there too. I mean, this is a mutual learning experience.

I was home thinking about how I wanted to scale up and start thinking about making serious moves that take me to the next level. I figured given that I am improving my investments and financial knowledge daily, It wouldn’t hurt to share those nuggets, get opinions on them and make adjustments. It would be good to have a space where I can monitor how I invest and I create accountability for myself(I can be very lazy) and also document the various steps and processes it takes to get to a certain level of financial freedom.

This blog started as a book blog with me writing book reviews about the books I read in the course of my day to day life and that made me feel that I can challenge myself to write about finances as I learn myself because we are all learning here(We’ll until I become as rich as Bill Gates then I think we it will be safe to call a Checkmate. Yes?)

People are too busy partying and living it up and not thinking about the next 5 or 10 years(Not that partying is bad. I am a champion and believer of letting your hair loose because adulting is already difficult enough as is)

The blog has thus been born out of a need to tackle the usual millennial problems with regards to money, the Kenyan investment space and all things related with personal finance. We all would like to know that we can move from point A to point B irregardless of what your particular point A is at a given moment. To deal with the ever present concerns that millennials usually have such as:

  • I don’t have enough money
  • I have some money but where do I put it
  • Do I know about the various investment avenues I can look at based on my age and financial muscle(should I really use that word considering not a lot of us have piles and piles of money lying around)
  • What are the laws of the land I need to know with regards to making investments
  • Are other millennials going through these problems or is it just my poverty shouting at the rooftop at me
  • Who can I look up to who is making strides and can teach me about personal finance
  • What are the advancements and financial related news that will impact starting a business or side hustle or venturing into an investment avenue in your 20s

Just to mention a few. I don’t have all the answers but this will be a good learning experience not just for me but from the readers who will visit my blog.

Tied in all this is books. I am a serious avid reader. I love to read, and I read all the time, and I prefer to be reading several things at once, because if nothing else it gives endless perspective and dimension and shows you how to interpret the world we live in. I think of reading like a constant, same as breathing, eating and taking two showers a day. Reading is a wonderful culture but not all people love reading so I will be posting as well about the books I read, the ones I enjoy, the ones I would like to recommend (You know, the usual)

So visit a lot and visit often. Share with a friend. Leave comments and suggestions and engage in dialogue and this should culminate into a wonderful financial ‘wokeness’ journey!


My mission is to help you (and myself) exploit these opportunities and break free: launch a business, start a charity, travel the world and read as many books as is humanly possible!


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